CaféLingo Ep. 5 – Interview With The Vinyl Record on Making and Producing Music

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for checking in on my blog! I know it’s been a while, and I apologize for my absence. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to find some sort of routine to bring a sort of regularity to the site. Anyways, thank you for stopping by. This episode was publishedContinue reading “CaféLingo Ep. 5 – Interview With The Vinyl Record on Making and Producing Music”

Do Not Eat

A few weeks ago, we were on a road trip to Lake Louise in Banff national park. We were well on our way when we stopped in the town of Canmore, to get some gas and walk the dog. Of course, you can’t leave Canmore without going to the candy store, so we went thereContinue reading “Do Not Eat”

Welcome to my Site!

Hello everyone! My name is Judah Sutherland, and this is my blog! If you’re interested in stuff like creative writing, language study, running, and just miscellaneous fun, I think you’ve got a good chance of getting something good out of my blog! I have a few ideas for the site, but not a lot isContinue reading “Welcome to my Site!”

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