CaféLingo Ep. 5 – Interview With The Vinyl Record on Making and Producing Music

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for checking in on my blog! I know it’s been a while, and I apologize for my absence. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to find some sort of routine to bring a sort of regularity to the site. Anyways, thank you for stopping by.

This episode was published sometime in June, so these notes are quite late, however, I figured better late than never, especially for such a great conversation as this one that I had with Meshach all those months ago.

This episode was a little bit special, as we delved into quite a new topic for the podcast to explore the world of music production from the perspective of 15 (now 16)-year-old music maker and enthusiast Meshach Tarr, known on SoundCloud as The Vinyl Record. You might recognize his name from the shoutout I gave in the episode before this one when I first used the jingle that he kindly made for me, which is also featured in the intro and outro of this episode. He also recently gave me permission to use another of his tracks from his first EP On a Blue Moon as an outro for future episodes, so thanks again to Meshach for that!

Meshach had been making music for about five years at the time of recording of our episode, and since it came out, he’s only been going stronger, and now has two new EP’s and a handful of singles recently added to his SoundCloud profile. You can check out his music here on SoundCloud.

One of Meshach’s latest songs.

Some of the things that really stood out to me during this conversation were how he got started making music and our discussion on his style and its influences as he got into music living at an outdoor wilderness adventure camp by the Canadian Rockies. It was very interesting to learn about how he came to acquire the skills he now uses in his music-making, and I also really enjoyed learning about the way he has improved his gear set-up over the years, going from a ~$20 mini keyboard from a thrift store to the current system that he has now, including a much higher quality keyboard, a drum pad, and his sound system.

The episode also includes two short clips of two of his songs which had been released recently on SoundCloud, as well as a short discussion of the songs and his process of making them.

Here’s the breakdown of our interview, and you can check out the topics that interest you by using the player provided on the page:

Intro (0:00)

Meshach’s introduction – (1:14)

Beginnings in music-making – (2:24)

Style and genre – (3:53)

Development of gear set-up and the essentials – (5:13)

Meshach’s songwriting process – (7:27)

Discussion of the song “Underwater” – (9:12)

How mood influences his music and the song “Dark Clouds” – (11:05)

Progression and hopes for five years from now – (12:55)

How Meshach has applied his skills acquired from music-making to working the soundboard at church. (15:07)

New sounds and styles of music to explore – (16:44)

The biggest improvement that he would like to see in his music – (18:11)

Biggest inspirations and influencers in his music – (19:46)

The contrast of his musical style and interest against his daily rural environment – (20:45)

Where to find Meshach’s work – (22:25)

Meshach’s encouragement and advice for aspiring musicians and goodbyes – (23:38)

Outro – (26:32)

Thanks again for following along with the podcast and the blog, and for making it all the way to the bottom of the page! Finally, just before you go I would like to once again encourage you to go check out my Dad’s blog, where you can subscribe to his weekly email newsletter Digestible. It’s chock full of fascinating information and ideas that the author finds remarkable every week. Past topics explored have been spirituality, fitness, business, leadership, adventure, the Bible, famous historical figures, personal updates and more, so if these things interest you, or if you are just curious make sure to go check it out right here.

My brother Ariel and my sister-in-law Emilie have also just recently started a blog containing the highlights and thoughts from their life and ministry over at Frontier Lodge (where Meshach lives!), so if that also sounds cool, you can check that out too at

Anyways, thanks again for listening and reading! See you again soon!

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