Braydon Wollman – My Favourite Sherwood Park Busker

Braydon Wollman playing his song, “Struggling” in the Save On Foods parking lot on Wye Road.

Hello everyone! A little over a week ago, the day before Christmas, what was supposed to be a quick trip up to the store for some fondue fuel turned in part into a wonderful time listening to a man named Brayden Wollman playing his guitar for us in the Save On Foods parking lot. His music blew me away, and after the first song that I listened to, I asked him if that was his own music. He said no, but asked if I’d like to hear one of his original songs. I said yes, of course. I didn’t know the name of his song at the time, but it was amazing, a wonderfully written song with beautiful lyrics and creative guitar parts. I was determined to find his song and he directed me to his Spotify account. Later on I discovered his website where you can also listen to his songs, contact him, or even book him for an event. He only has one album so far, but with some very good material. My personal favourite is the one he played for us in that parking lot, titled “Struggling.” Listen to some clips at the bottom of this page! From what I got out of it, it seems to describe his emotional and spiritual challenges leading him to ask for renewal, a helping hand and a clearer path forward. Go check out a few of his songs, but remember that he’s even better live, so better yet, keep your eyes open for him next time you’re in a Sherwood Park parking lot!

Smiling for the camera after his song!

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